Friday, 28 October 2011

Module 2 : Abstracting a Design From Animal Markings

1. White Chalk Letter Patterns on Black Tissue Paper.
2. Splattered Ink on White Cartridge Paper.
3. Shreds of Shiny Colour Supplement Paper.

4. Black Felt-tip on White Cartridge Paper.
5. Charcoal Scribbles on White Cartridge Paper.
6. White Chalk Multi-directional Rubbings on Black Tissue Paper.

7. Sgraffito -- Black Crayon over White Chalk.
8. Black Acrylic Paint applied with Credit Card.
9. Rectagles of Newsprint applied Directionally.


  1. I really enjoyed looking at these - all very striking. i find it intriguing that we all come up with something different and unique.
    We're at a similar stage and I'm currently working on machine embroidered samples in ch 3.


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