Friday, 26 April 2013

Waiting for Magic

I had written a longer piece than the one you're reading now.  I felt the need to churn around why I wasn't making faster progress.  Too much introspection is not always a good thing, hence the shorter version.  The upshot of my thinking and some reading too is that I can read and write reasonably well and that it's taken years of practice to achieve that.  Why not apply that thought to Module 2?  It is easy to feel that you're falling behind, or falling short: aren't we always our harshest critic?  To find a way of moving forward is the thing.  And so to my reading .... Bridget Riley talks about encountering her ignorance and feeling that she needs to remove some "obscuring veil".  Her approach is slow and methodical.  There's some comfort in that.  In "The Art of Looking Sideways", a wonderfully quirky book, I came across a quotation about creativity, calling it "a leap across a chasm".  Isn't that just how it seems?  And so wonderful when it happens.  My conclusion then is that while I'm waiting for the next magic moment  I must just keep working away.  Now did it take all that thinking to come to such a lame conclusion?


  1. You are in company! Sometimes the chasms need to be walked around so that you can see sideways - however the leap can often look inviting, guess the trick is not to take fright half way across. Am in that place at the moment!!!

  2. Just tidied my room -- wonderful displacement therapy -- having posted Chapter 11. Very good feeling, but though I'm off to Devon early tomorrow morning I need a "leap" so that I can achieve embroidery on my collar. Best of luck with your chasm!