Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Tangent

 Do you ever feel a piece of work is complete and that you add stitching to it, on advice, but reluctantly?  So it is with this piece to which I have now added lines of zigzag and by adjusting the top tension created this slightly foxed effect,which is surprisingly effective.

1.  Piecing with over-stitching
 Sample 2 below shows the same piecing method using dyed and embroidered fabrics.  No stabilising fabric was used making the strips, which are cut on the cross, difficult to handle, possibly they too narrow.  When I placed something like Stitch and Tear or Vilene underneath the organza looses its translucency and therefore I decided against it.

2.  Organza Piecing.
Sample 3 below show Sample 2 over-stitched in the same way as Sample 1.  It was not possible to apply the same density of stitch at the beginning of each line as the organza becames bunched under the machine and the width of the strip is further reduced.  What is successful, however, is that the tones in each over-stitched strip are more graduated.  Whilst I found Sample 1 was improved by the process I don't think Sample 2 is; maybe more experimentation would help, but for now my decision is made and I think I need to proceed with the collar ideas in my previous post.
3.  Organza Piecing over-stitched.

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  1. Its always a quandary about not overdoing it but giving it your touch - can be a bit nerve racking when you feel you are almost there can't it! Looking good and feel sure you will be pleased.