Monday, 5 August 2013

Module 3 and a New Approach

Keeping a promise to myself (and Sian) I have only downloaded half of this module.  This strategy is intended to prevent me from getting ahead of myself: a vain attempt to change the habits of a lifetime.  I spent far too long over Module 2. I carefully read through all the chapters  and as a result started to form a fixed idea of what I would do for the resolved sample. In the end the process became somewhat laboured. This time I'm going to see if I can just take pleasure in the exercises and tasks chapter by chapter and allow the skills they teach to reveal possibilities.


  1. Confessions! I allow myself two ahead of what I'm doing. The excuse is - if I get stuck on something it might be better to use for a later chapter! The only exception - I like to start contemplating the artist I will choose fairly early on! But 'enjoying the moment' is a great mantra for an interesting journey. Enjoy

  2. So good to hear about someone else's strategy. You sound as if you manage to keep an even tighter rein on your imagination than I'm trying to do!

  3. I read ahead through the whole module, then I put the folder away, keeping out only the pages I am currently working on. Yes, I have a few ideas for what is to come but I try to keep them at the back of my mind as vague ideas and try to leave things as open as I can for as long as I can. Sometimes it even works!!