Monday, 22 August 2016

Slashing and Rhythms

Yet another thought I brought along to discuss with Sian was the idea of slashing.  The ground of my piece is made up of four layers: a piece of dark grey silk, a silver metallic cloth, bronze-grey shot silk and the top layer silk organza.  In stitching narrow parallel lines of varying length and slashing through the three top layers I thought the surface could be further enriched, bringing toning colours and rough texture to it.

1.1 Close-up

1.2 Close-up

1.3  Still Small Voice of Calm

1.4  Left Edge Detail
1.5 Right Edge Detail

Sian talked to me about using a rhythm to apply the cords and this I have tried to do, and with the slashing and later with the application of fine stitching and beads.  Hopefully all the techniques are fully integrated and look right.

Here then are views of the finished piece, though it may be a little premature to say so.

Mounting Resolved Sample

I mounted this resolved sample soon after I completed the piece in August. Sian and I had discussed cropping it at Summer School and as you can see from Image 1:3 in my last post I adopted the idea.
I took a thick and textured piece of rag paper, measuring 55cm x 44cm giving a lovely wide surrounding area to show off the textile piece. I cut two carefully measured slits and positioned the piece along the tacked lines I'd marked when working on it, taking them out afterwards, of course. I then used acid free tape to position it, only at the top so that it is supported: it is exactly the same approach I use with my photographs. As you can see the result gives two horizontal clean edges and two curved and softly layered vertical edges. I think it works.

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