Sunday, 5 February 2017


Well, I've had my neck piece feedback and now it's time to complete it, which I'm really keen to do.

The final dilemma concerned threading the hematite beads on to the cord which caused the it to break. I inquired about the holes being made bigger and tried myself with a gimlet, but the stone is far too hard and the idea not recommended.   I do like the hematite beads and really want to use them, though I recognise their limitations: their scale is possibly a little too small and maybe they are almost too close in colour and texture.

So what did I decide to do?  I've taken the whole thing apart, made several lengths of cord in case of disasters and decided to include some milled old bronze-brown glass beads as additional spacers. I've placed these where I had used the circular Tyvek beads in one of my trials. They add another layer of texture which emphasises the industrial  look I wanted to achieve.  They also allow the long Tyvek beads to splay out, as shown in the neckline of the evening jacket photographed below.  I think the combination works well.  The neck piece fastens with a further milled glass bead and a loop.


Bead and Loop Fastening:

I threaded 10cm of the cord through a milled glass bead and twisted it five times.  I looped the cord in two and twisted it along its length.  To disguise the end I then spiralled the twisted cord in the direction of the bead.  The attachment is neat, secure and strong.  The loop is made in a similar fashion.



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  1. Wow! Your neckpiece looks fabulous. I'm sure it was worth all the hard work, difficult decision making and problem solving. A lovely photo of you too. The wall behind makes a beautiful backdrop.