Monday, 20 March 2017

Items of Stationery

Searching around the house for items of stationery to photograph and draw I realise what a stash of them I have.  Mostly they have been birthday and Christmas presents from family or friends, chosen for their beauty more than their usefulness, though surely that overstates the case – maybe I will finally use up the hundred Vogue postcards charting the evolution of fashion since the magazine’s inception.  Many of the images are irresistible and can’t possibly be used, rather like their containers, which it hurts to throw away and wait to be reused.

I also came across two rag paper folders made to showcase a collection of photographs taken for a course I took some years ago.  I like the simplicity of the designs and the way the button and ribbon fastening echoes the tones within the photographs. (see 4:1:6)  I remember and can still see the challenge of folding the rag paper.  Here it is again, the difficulty of balancing aesthetics and practicalities to achieve the best result.

Also in the same image is a triple folded postcard case which gives the opportunity for the artist to write a biographical note and to explain how the designs came about: in this case they were made for her young son.

 Below in image 4:1:7 are two stationery boxes, both hinged, one with a well for cards and stamps and a drawer for the envelope.

In the construction of all the stationery holders the bulk of the items enclosed is accommodated through folds.  The two boxes illustrated are made of much more substantial card and this is made a design feature and also influences the dimensions of the finished item.

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