Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer Sketchbook Project

If this is a race, I'm in desperate straits as I'm only making a start today. However, I do have a reason -- not an excuse, you understand -- I'm in recovery from our son's wedding in Ireland, a five day affair and very lively.

I've chosen two items to draw, a single hydrangea flower (a wedding relic) and an ammonite. Neither were easy though I felt happier with the ammonite. I used a graphite stick as a measure to try to get the proprtions right, even so I haven't been able to convey any sense of 3D or the lovely crisp dried beauty of the original. The ammonite's form is bolder and maybe that helped. I must admit to taking a photograph of both after the drawing exercise and realised how little, as yet, my eyes are noticing.

I also think the strips of tissue and other papers seem to dominate. Could it be the glue I'm using? Would Pritt be better than PVA?

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