Thursday, 28 June 2012

I really enjoyed making these.  Having grouped my papers into some sort of greyscale it was interesting to play with tonal effects in these samples.  I was especially surprised by how well the yellow bleached papers complimented the more starkly contrasting black and white papers.  The combination of colour and designs on the papers create an almost Japanese feel to the first sample.  All of the strips are the same width with dark and light on opposite sides of the square.

Sample 2 is made from the same width strips, but uses mid and dark tones.  It's interesting to see how the patterns randomly link with each other, creating surface disturbance, almost ripples.

Sample 3 uses a combination of wide and narrow strips.  I liked the intensity created by using narrow strips. Again the interplay of one truncated pattern against another is interesting.

Sample 4 is Courthouse Steps and to me, my choice of papers is least effective.  Rather than enhance the more formal design it seems to have made it more chaotic.

Sample 5 is Crazy Log Cabin, quite tricky to make everything fit, and the design gives a nice feeling of movement.  I think the paper choices would have worked better if I had graduated the size of the patterns.

And now for log cabin designs translated into fabric.  I've tried hard to decide why exactly I found this activity the least interesting of the chapter.  Probably I haven't done sufficient samples, and I will try to redress that, as I know these don't include any of my dyed and embroidered fabrics.  My fabric choices and the order in which I pieced them did improve over the three samples and the learning I've done her certainly made me feel more confident and happy with the Seminole strips.
Sample 1 below was an attempt to use some of my least favourite fabrics and is rather a hotch-potch.

In Sample 2 I seem to have gone to the other extreme, using all spotted fabrics.  What I do like about this piece is the way in which the spots are cut on the smallest pieces has such a distorting effect on the design.

Sample 3 is a more balanced piece with spots set against squares and stripes.  It would benefit from some overprinting on the outer soft grey strips which because they are plain seem a very stark contrast.

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  1. Your work is looking great Lesley and thanks for the comments on mine - see you soon!