Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Looking with New Eyes

What a wonderful transition the last month has brought: new eyes.

I left Urchfont preoccupied, knowing that my first eye "procedure" (a not entirely relaxing euphemism) would take place the following morning.  Dear husband came to drive me home and offer moral support.  The hospital isn't far away, and is brand new thanks to a substantial gift.

I am taken in and processed.  Sitting amongst the elderly, the wheelchair bound, at sixty two I feel misplaced.  We move inexorably towards the operating room, drop by antiseptic and dilating drop, wrist named, now left eyebrow marked and checked yet again before blue-hatted, hand held, I meet the team in the white-lit operating room.

Now ten days later after my second op, a veteran, no cataracts, new lenses, my brain accustomed to this state of play, I am amazed.  I joke I have the eyes of a seventeen year old, since that was the time at which my eyes began to fail.  It is a curious thing though to see myself and others without the barrier of external lenses.  It is exciting to see the world so sharply.  However, and isn't there always an however, small print and threading needles remain a challenge uncorrected by the "procedure" and must wait -- for glasses!


  1. So glad that the "procedures" went smoothly. I had no idea you had trouble with your eyes. I'm glad it has given you a new sharpness of vision. As regards threading needles, I had my eyes tested specially for sewing and needle-threading vision, since I hold my sewing much closer than I hold a book. Maybe extravagant but I now have glasses just for sewing as well as my reading ones. And I CAN THREAD NEEDLES!! Hope you will soon be doing that too.

  2. Glad it all went well Lesley. xx

  3. Our eyes is truly important. We should take good care of it. But I'm glad that the procedure on you is a success. A clear and sharp eyesight is a must.
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  4. Two at once!the world must look a different place.

  5. So glad the procedure has been successful for you Lesley
    I'm waiting for new glasses too, a very fashionable pair! And expensive!

  6. So glad that it went well. Thanks that the procedure you underwent was a success. Thanks for sharing this one.

  7. You have been brave! Lovely to see your work.