Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Chapter 8 : Not What it Seams

The gestation period for this chapter has been long, but with the arrival of my glasses a month ago I've now been able to get on with close work.  Not only have I finished Chapter 8 but I've also made a start on my ideas for the functional three-dimensional embroidered item.  This is to be a collar made of organza, more of which very soon . . .

I don't want you to think that complete idleness has taken over during the last few months.  Oh no, a project of surprising complexity and disruption has been taking place: the removal of my computer and photographic equipment from dear husband's study downstairs and into my workroom upstairs where some superfluous furniture (my son's bed -- he's now 31 and married) needed removing.  The plan as I outlined it sounded simple enough and was agreed in principle.  Moving from concept to action is not always easily achieved,  however, a game of golf gave me time and there was no going back.

We live in an old house; the walls are thick and the internet needed much coaxing and Netgear to function in its new location.  The rooms stripped out clearly needed decorating, a carpet replaced, an extraordinarily large collection of books reduced and sorted, sewing kit centralised and so on and so on.  And now?  We have two beautiful and serene work spaces.  And yes, it was worth it, for us both.


  1. Your post did make me laugh! I'm glad you now have a functioning work space. It makes it easier to work. I find that when I am stuck with my City and Guilds work I am easily tempted to do what my husband calls "displacement activity" and sort out my studio. In general, the better the work is going, the messier my workspace! Looking forward to seeing your ideas for the collar.

  2. I'm enjoying seeing your samples - so much potential. Well done for sorting out your space - you deserve it. If only I had the courage ......

    1. Hi Anne, I think it was a case of needs must -- working upstairs and blogging downstairs isn't conducive to serenity, fitness possibly, but serenity never.