Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ribbon - a long narrow strip of fabric used for tying something or for decoration.

Ribbons described from top to bottom:
1. Strip of hand-dyed fabric printed with acrylic paint using corrugated card, edges zigzagged and pinked.
2. Strip of the above fabric, silk threads bonded under organza and over-stitched along the edges.
3. Strip of the above fabric, sequined and mounted on a strip of black fringed fabric,
4. As above and zigzagged with hand-dyed cotton rayon slub.
5. Strips of three different scale and width spotted fabrics layered.

6. Interwoven lines of script, edges zigzagged.
7. Narrow strip of fabric hemmed, thin wire inserted and zigzagged in place.  Caution, where the needle catches the wire it puls through the fabric.
8.Narrow strip of fabric, stitched with a zigzag design along its length, hemmed and beaded.
9. Length of gathered black net stitched along a length of hand-dyed fabric, the edges pinked.
10. Strip of spotted fabric stitched along a length of wider black fabric and over-stitched.

11.Two wide strips of hand-dyed fabric sprinkled with black fabric scraps and over-stitched both width ways and length ways using Vilene Soluweb to stabilize during the process.  After washing through the edges are stitched with a decorative stitch.

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