Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Simple Two Dimensional Shapes

Below are examples of  two dimensional  shapes, warm-up exercises shown in the module notes.  The colour scheme throughout uses soft turquoise, brown and gilt mainly on double sided tissue paper, where the paper is wrapped round wire it is single thickness.

First of all a single twist, followed by reverse twist and finally stepped twist using strips of paper about a centimetre wide, on reflection a little too wide as it tends to tear when under tension.  The paper has a matt finish, whereas all further examples use some gilt paper.  This I find more attractive as it seems to draw attention to the way the design is created, twisted, wrapped or knotted, giving the appearance of movement.

Middle left shows a long single twist which though narrower and therefore doesn't tear is uneven.  Further narrow strips are rolled into rosettes, and next to them wire scraps.  Three bands of twisted tissue are bent and glued in place -- an interesting way of making a textured surface.

On the far right is a sample of two strips knotted together (needing a paper clip to retain the twist) and three looped and knotted strips with tails left hanging.  Under the right light these last produce pleasing shadows.

Finally, two wrapped wire twists which are more closely related to spiral staircases.  The larger has tissue glued on across sections of the wire.  The smaller sample shows a small twist with wires stretching across the page.

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