Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Spirals using Coloured Papers based on Resource Images


Sample 1: This spiral is cut from a single circle, the spokes are tissue-covered wire and try to evoke the uprights on the staircase balustrade.

Sample 2: Layers of coloured paper mounted with a similar open design made of covered wire.

Sample 3: Two interlocking blue/brown spirals with serrated edges mimicking stairs, the top one mounted on a bronze/brown disc.


Sample 4: A smooth-edged circle cut in a spiral, a second spiral cut parallel to the first and serrated.  The second mounted on the first.

Sample 5:  An oval shaped mounted with two offset circles finally mounted by a narrow cut circle.

Sample 6:  A circle with a spiral cut out and mounted with a gilt covered wire spiral.

Sample 7: A felt tip pen spiral studded with punched out tiny circles.

Sample 8 and 9: Two tissue shapes, one rectangular the other a trapezium, folded to created curved "staircases".

Sample 10 and 11:  Two versions of the UEA staircase,  Sample 10 a tube wrapped with a number of gilt covered lengths of wire.  Sample 11 a tube which has been cut so that strips of it become unfurled and then wrapped at intervals with lengths of covered wire.

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  1. Beautiful and inventive shapes and lovely colours!