Saturday, 10 March 2012

Catching Up

Some may say there are more words on my blog than creative pieces.  If it is the case, it is only because I feel the need to explain the slowness of my progress rather than revealing a disappointing trait, about which I couldn't  possibly comment.  When you hear that we spent a very lovely Christmas in Ireland with the newly married and our daughter-in-law's family, only to return and discover a party of two from America coming to stay for four days had turned into a party of six for ten days you'll understand a little more.  As the new arrangements included one darling daughter and Henry, our fifteen month old grandson, we began to feed our freezer doubling and trebling recipes to ensure plenty.  Arrangements grew in complexity and numbers, and when I tell you that the first weekend we had 25 family and friends for Sunday lunch (plus four dogs -- I'll add no more!) and the final weekend hosted a reunion of seven university friends and seven children you won't be surprised that during the ten days I served 120 main meals.  It was a very special time: we got to know Henry more and he is so like our daughter at that age, bright and naughty and gregarious.  The insights into the lives our children lead leave me in awe; they manage to hold down interesting and demanding jobs and take their parenting seriously.  Saying goodbye was immensely painful (I know I'm not alone in this.) and we have spent the last ten days re-centering our lives, hence the return to blogging and Module 2 ....


  1. Hey welcome back to blogging! It's always very entertaining - and lovely - to read you. And I think you have a real gift for writing too, you know?

  2. What a lovely thing to say -- thank you.

  3. I agree, you write beautifully and its good to see your module progressing
    so well.