Tuesday, 13 March 2012

ZigZag Stitch

4) Zigzag length and distance between row increasing.
5) Stitch length 3, zig-zag 5, distance between rows decreasing and overlapping with increasing density  
    towards one corner.
6) Zigzag length 3 and gradually reducing stitch length and closeness of rows towards one corner.
7) Zigzag variant looping over the square randomly and with increasing density towards one corner.
8) Stitch as above, starting small and increasing in length applied in lines.

 This series of samples are more expressive than the straight-stitched ones, especially samples 7 and 8.  I like 7 particularly with its multi-layered threads criss crossing each other and giving depth. The tension is incorrect in sample 8 and even though Stitch and Tear has been used the sample is puckered where the square is most densely stitched. The sample's appeal lies in its mark making quality and its lack of regularity.

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