Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cable and Whip Stitch

Loosening the tension created some really interesting effects, both delicate and dramatic. I liked the fact that both sides of the fabric might have exciting results.  The three samples below have a lightness and sense of direction that I find particularly attractive.

1) Zigzag stitch producing lovely wavy raised effect.
2) Straight stitch with white in top spool.
3) Zigzag variant trimmed with scissors to give a lighter look, however less stable.

The next four samples used Oliver Twists Spun Silk 30/2 20g in variegated brown/black.  The range of tonal quality is still there but the stitching is more definite.

4) Darning stitch with feed dogs down.
5) White thread on top, varying zigzag size and degree of overlap.
6) Reverse of Sample 5.
7) White thread on top, varying size of zigzag from corner.

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