Thursday, 19 April 2012


Meet Max, a much-loved sixteen month old dalmatian.  He's boisterous, sociable, inquisitive, and always hungry. Max been adopted by our son and daughter-in-law and whilst they have been away on honeymoon he's has been staying with us.  As a house-guest he's been a little challenging and I rather feel it's been more a matter of his training us rather than the other way round.  We returned him on Sunday after a three week stay and I must confess the house seems very quiet and empty without him: no more whimpering because Max is on his own, no more well-chewed plastic milk containers strewn on the floor and no more tiptoeing past a dog basket complete with sleeping hound, just a collection of unwanted dog biscuits in my pocket.

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  1. Max is absolutely gorgeous! The photograph has captured his character.