Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A selection of decorated papers made with ink marks.  As you can tell papers 1-4 are made with white tissue and it's interesting to glimpse the next column of samples beneath.  The tissue makes for an attractive texture, like seersucker which is created by the water stretching the paper.  The other samples are made of white cartridge paper and printed on with a variety of homemade pens -- corrugated card, polystyrene, credit card etc. -- and different strengths of ink.  On sample 7 I used a stronger ink over a weaker one but the same tool to make curved scraping marks.  Throughout the range of tones is mid to light grey and on sample 6, where the ink is darkest and the lines finest the white paper appears whitest although it is no different to that used elsewhere.  Seen as a collection there is a sense of watery movement evocative of my fishy inspirations..

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