Friday, 18 January 2013

Chapter 9: The Fibonicci Sequence and Golden Section

A challenging task: I wanted to use the whole black/white tonal range, but found I didn't have the necessary paper stepping stones.  Instead this is a section of the range.  I used Photoshop to convert the bleached papers to black and white so that I could check the results and adjust my paper choices.  I also tried to use papers with a sense of movement, and in fact wanted to use a number of papers with similar makings, however I simply didn't have the range of tones.

Design 1: I tried to use a mid to dark range of tones.  The 5cm square needs to be darker.  Using brown grey tones alongside black ones has complicated the matter.

Design 2: The Golden Section, squares arranged corner to corner to create the spiral.

Design 3: I had hoped this would be an outwardly curved spiral, instead it is as above, using only the 13 cm to 1cm squares.

Of course there are many more possibilities, but time to move on to Chapter 10 and back to the sewing machine.

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