Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chapter 10: Piecing - A Method of Cutting and Seaming

As I've remarked before I've been working on Module 2 for some time.  Recently, however, I've settled into a more productive phase and I'm beginning to feel that the joys of making my collar are on the horizon.

When I started this module many more samples of the paper method were given, the final two quite challenging to accuracy.  Thankfully, though attractive and certainly food for thought, only the two below are now needed, though as I have plenty of photocopies left I may try to achieve the final stages of those two.

 Paper Sample 1: Keyboard

Paper Sample 2: Chequer Board

Fabric Sample 1: Mosaic Pattern

Interesting effects are achieved by this method: ragged star shapes are created by the intersection of many seams.  I think I may have cut some diagonals too sharply, resulting in very ragged outside edges which were difficult to reattach and seam, although rather nice irregular tassels hung off those edges.  Had I cut the sample differently I could have seamed and re-seamed far more.  A further interesting touch was using black thread on the spool and white in the bobbin creating a maze of random lines.


  1. Lovely to see your work - I grew to love Module 2. Are you going to summer school?

    1. Hi Anne, Thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, I am going to Summer School and looking forward to it. Hope to see you there.

  2. The effects of this are very diverse, I enjoyed this too