Friday, 18 January 2013

I really enjoyed doing the design exercises based on the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Section, though I wish I'd duplicated some of the papers early in the module so that I had more choice to use in my designs.

Series 1 starts with a tonal column made from four patterned papers.

Design 1: (in fact one produced after this series was complete as I forgot to scan it before cutting)  Dynamic and atmospheric -- almost a coastal abstract, the play of light on water, even masts of boats, running towards deep ripples.

Design 2: The gaps seem to energize the composition:mind and eye bridging the gaps.

Design 3 (i): Cut in the Fibonacci Sequence, but placed in a different sequence, alternate strips reversed.
The central horizontal panel still catches the eye -- strong lines, high contrast, the eye drawn towards the bottom right where the pattern is most dense.

Design 3 (ii): A second version of the above using darker tones.  Again the broader block of pattern draws the eye.

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