Monday, 15 December 2014

Chapter 2 : Simple 3D Shapes

I hadn't realised just how versatile corrugated card could be.  Amongst the samples below I've used card from wrapping parcels and corrugations in different scales and designs saved from boxes of chocolates and hot drinks.  They have been painted gold on the rippled side.

Sample 2:16 -- industrial landscape -- shows a range of different spirals, all in the large scale card, rolling the rippled side inside and outside.  Some of the strips are narrow, others wider, and yet others cut on the diagonal.

Samples 2:17 and 2:18 show a number of spiral combinations. Although it was not my intention to think ahead to which accessory I might design, I have started to think in terms of making a brooch.

It has proved very difficult to glue the samples, so they are mostly held together with pins.

Top left on 2:17 has interlocking spirals.  The other two samples were formed from one piece of card partially cut through in two different widths so that spirals hang down from the foundation spiral

On the left on 2:18 is a sample spiralling in one direction and then in reverse.
On the right are two scales of corrugated card which are cut on the diagonal and largely mirror the spiral staircase images from my research.
Below in 2:19 and 2:20 are probably my favourite samples. I like their sense of freedom and expression.

In 2:19 the far right and left samples show tubes of corrugated card wrapped in different ways with different thicknesses of corrugated card.  In the centre the tube has been pierced with a gimlet and narrow strips of corrugated card has been threaded through to create spirals.  The narrowness of the threaded card meant that the two layers came apart in places.

In 2:20 the right sample continues this idea with three diagonally cut strips making echo spirals up the tube.  On the left are a series of double rings of differing widths and types of card.