Sunday, 24 June 2018

Chapter 6: Drawn Thread Work Stitchery

I've uploaded this image in extra large.  I am so excited by the results possible with what initially seemed to be such a restrained technique.  I love the rhythms that are created and the expressiveness that comes from using a range of unlikely "threads" giving depth and texture to the work.  All this in just blue and white.


Of course the journey to produce this piece was not wholly joyful.  My first experiments were with ribbons simply woven through the drawn threads, but the results seemed dull and I'm still not completely happy with the first row, made with a thick silk thread and rayon tape using herringbone stitch, the initial 5cm or so embellished with ties of withdrawn threads.

Row 2: a narrow band of drawn threads stitched and woven with white using tiny spiders webs across 3 threads.
Row 3: a broader band of drawn threads blue thread wrapped round 10 threads and beaded.
Row 4: a narrow band of drawn threads tied with multipurpose twine in polypropylene across 11 threads.
Row 5: a broader band of drawn threads woven and looped with a narrow linen strip across 6 threads, alternating with 6 vertical threads.
Row 6: as above with twisted chain over 10 threads.
Row 7: as above using withdrawn threads knotted over 10 threads alternating top and bottom, with tufts cut.
Row 8: three broad bands of withdrawn threads, 2 horizontal threads between, one row looped with thread of varied thickness, the second with sari strip, cross threads holding the loops in place.
Row 9: a broad band of withdrawn threads, thin string knotted and looped above and below.
Row 10: a narrow band of drawn threads interwoven with blue-grey ribbon over 10 threads, small slips of garlic paper are tucked underneath,
Row 11: a broader band of drawn thread, each 10 threads are twisted round with silk veiling angle cut then fixed with twisted chain stitch.