Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Repeating Patterns : Computer and Hand Generated, and some explorations

As you'll see from the numbering this is a return to Chapter 2.  I  have taken a square cropped section from two of the computer generated designs and created an all over pattern.   The new shapes and diagonal rhythms in particular I find rather attractive.





The design below is one of the hand-drawn spirals from Chapter 1 made into a repeating pattern.

Below are two versions of this idea worked on soluble fabric. 2:39 is worked in dyed sari waste, 2:40 is again worked in sari waste but with the inclusion of velvet circles and some hand stitching. The velvet, which I'd included (against advice) to add depth and richness suffered through the washing process.


A further experiment using dyed gimp to create the spirals in 2:38 with narrow velvet inserts was again disappointing.  I had hoped to produce a lace-like fabric, but the thread colour I chose (light grey) dominated.  Definitely a case of trying to run before I can walk!  Couching the spirals on to a fabric is probably a better technique.

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  1. Super repeating patterns and I love how you have interpreted them in fabric.