Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Ever Deeper Rabbit Holes

 Every time I went out to my field I kept seeing its textures in terms of weaving.  Why not test out the idea?  And so I sent for a little loom and put my thinking to the test.  I'm very fortunate to belong to a textile group which is run by a weaver and she has acted as mentor whilst I grappled with techniques and a vocabulary new to me.  It's been a very exhilarating experience.

Below are a number of experiments:

Over the course of making these pieces my skills have improved greatly, culminating in the piece below which is 5cm wide and 25cm long.  Unlike the pieces above I decided not to weave in all the ends feeling they gave a sense of wild growth just as I'd noticed at the height of summer.

All the pieces were inspired by markings on the ground and the play of sunshine and shadows.

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