Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Machine Zig-zag Stitching and Flotsam and Jetsam

Feed dogs down, darning foot and wing needle in place, zig-zag set at 5 and tension adjusted and I'm ready to stitch.  I'm using one of the rectangular DoubleTrouble frames which will only fit under my needle and darning foot if I remove both and reapply them.  The frame is too deep and consequently gets in the way, however it does give me a better shaped area in which to machine stitch.

I have already removed a fair amount of threads, both horizontal and vertical second guessing how I might replace them -- in waves, tufts and knots, looping, twisting, spiralling, plaiting and wrapping.  As I work the activity becomes organic more threads are removed as needed and though not quite all are replaced I decide to stop.


As this piece evolved I was reminded of the flotsam and jetsam along the shoreline and how debris clings to the more permanent structures, such as steps and groynes.  It's also reminiscent of the wear and tear suffered by things like the lobster pot below: the rope becomes too frayed and then it needs repairing.

Flotsam is defined as debris in the water that was not deliberately thrown overboard, often as a result from a shipwreck or accident. Jetsam describes debris that was deliberately thrown overboard by a crew of a ship in distress, most often to lighten the ship's load.  (



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