Monday, 15 June 2020

More Zigzagging

Below are the right side and reverse of the zigzag machine stitched sample.  4:6:16 has near white and a variegated thread in soft blues.  The reverse shows all whites and looks almost frosted.

As with any machine stitched task balancing thread and tension and smooth flow of fabric under the needle is needed to get a good finish. My first experiments were rather awkward looking so I tried some stabilising film thinking it might resolve the problem.  Instead it prevented the wide wing needle from doing its job of pushing and  pulling the threads around under the machine.  The zigzag was at its widest setting.

The lacey effect is beautiful but also leaves spaces through which threads or fabric strips can wrapped or woven.  As to the choice of thread and the fabric it would need to have the same lightness of colour,  texture and weight.



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